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Kia Ora is a membership organisation and child disability charity working to promote and improve the health of people with special needs and learning difficulties.
It is run by its members and qualified health professionals, who work together to support individuals, families and community organisations to reach optimum health and wellbeing.


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If you love seeing new initiatives spark into life from just a kernel of thought and enjoy working with a diverse selection of people, then Kia Ora! is for you...

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We offer a variety of fun health initiatives for disabled children and their families including interactive health promotion and self-health awareness programmes conducted by qualified health specialists. These are tailor-made to requested requirements and range from cosy group seminars, interactive health conferences and exhibitions through to one to one counselling, general advice, family consultations and health workshops.

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Professional members of Kia Ora! actively promote and advocate equal opportunities in health and health promotion for people with special needs; providing them with a chance to thrive and to enjoy life to the very best potential.
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Call on 020 8 536 4100
Or write to Enquiries, Kia Ora! Healthy Living for People with Special Needs, 83 Woodford Road, South Woodford,
London E18 2EA

Company Registration Number: 04619177 | Registered Charity Number: 1104486